Voting in the Beam DAO

Voting in the Beam DAO : how-to.

With the hard fork which took place on 24th June 2022 and release of v7.0 Beam wallet, the voting functions on Beam DAO proposals in the voting dapp (decentralised application) within the Beam wallet have been launched – initially on dappnet (testing only) and then into the main-net wallet after community testing and feedback.

This highly functional voting dapp enables holders of BeamX (the Beam governance token) with the right to vote in full confidentiality, upon any proposal and to have a voice on how the evolution of the Beam ecosystem should progress, with the same exceptional privacy as you are accustomed to across the Beam network. This simple and concise guide will help you navigate the voting dapp and allow you to place your vote in any active voting epoch.

Firstly, navigate to the voting Dapp in your Beam wallet by clicking the following tab;

This will open the voting dapp and the screen will look similar to the screenshot below. The top table shows the current EPOCH number and the total value of BeamX which has already been deposited into the contract, for the current epoch. Also showing is an indicator detailing the time remaining until the end of the current epoch / start of new epoch and links to show various other important information.
NOTE: When you deposit BeamX here, your entitlement to vote begins in the next epoch. If an epoch has already started and you deposit BeamX, you will not be able to vote on the ongoing proposal within that current epoch.
So, be sure to deposit your BeamX prior to the start of a new epoch (before it begins!)

From here, to give you a voting weight on the forthcoming proposal in the DAO, you will need to deposit a sum of your BeamX tokens, into the dapp contract. By clicking the DEPOSIT link, a small window asking you to specify how much BeamX you want to commit/stake will appear.

To make sure you are content with the amount you have entered in the deposit window, you will then be asked to confirm the amount. Click CONFIRM to commit the amount or CANCEL to go back and adjust the amount of BeamX you are staking in the vote. All transaction fees are paid in Beam, so you will need some amount of Beam in your main wallet to service this transaction. Make sure you always have enough Beam in your wallet, to service contract fees. Fees vary and the amount of fee required can be seen in the confirmation window. Once confirmed, please wait for the transaction to complete…


When the epoch in which you have staked your BeamX begins,The SHOW STAKED INFO link will open an informative screen which shows;

1) Total value locked – which is the overall amount of all users, who have deposited into the contract for the forthcoming epoch, and
2) Your staked amount, which is the amount you deposited into the contract to entitle you a vote in the forthcoming epoch.
3) Your voting power.

You are also able to deposit more BeamX or withdraw your BeamX using the links shown here, at any time. Your BeamX is never totally locked and you have complete control over when you may deposit or withdraw. 
NOTE: If you withdraw your BeamX prior to the end of any ongoing epoch, your staked weight will drop so make sure you leave your BeamX in the contract for the entirety of the epoch to enable your full voting power. 

The VOTING POWER % shows how much weight in the forthcoming epoch, you will have. This value will change depending on others deposit, versus your amount of BeamX, in the contract.


The SHOW FUTURE PROPOSALS link opens a new informative and very important screen, which , when you click on any proposal in the list, gives fuller details of the proposal which you will be able to vote upon. The proposal will have finalised details and a link directly to the Beam Forum discussion thread, dedicated to that specific proposal.  Proposal threads in the Beam Forum will be posted by the proposer well in advance of the vote, allowing community discussion and debate regarding that particular proposal before it finally goes to vote in the BeamX DAO voting dapp.


In the tab AWAITING YOUR VOTE, the list of all proposals in the epoch, which you will be entitled to vote in, will be listed. Click the relevant proposal which you want to vote upon. You will now see voting options in the form of YES / NO. By this time you will have fully researched and read up on the proposal at hand, enabling you with the information you need to make your decision on how you wish to vote.


The hover-over info-tab of the quorum shows how many BeamX votes are needed to pass the vote and put the Beam team into action applying the proposal in the Beam ecosystem. Important to note: This is relative to the overall value of BeamX staked in the epoch, and not the number of individual votes. So in the example above, for this test proposal to be passed, there needs to be at least 5million total BeamX deposited in the contract, for this epoch. Each proposal will have it’s own different quorum depending on the type of proposal which is being voted upon. It is important that you check this each time and understand the implications of each proposal.


When you select your voting choice – Yes or No, the contract will ask you to confirm your vote. Again, transaction fees to place your vote are taken in Beam, so please make sure you have enough Beam in your main wallet to service these transactions. Click CONFIRM and allow time fo the transaction to complete…


Once you have cast your vote, the final voting result will be collated at the end of the voting epoch and the results will be honoured by Beam team. You are able to change your voting choice at any time before the current epoch ends, by clicking CHANGE DECISION. Again, a new vote will incur transaction fees (paid in Beam).

This allows you to initiate a new vote, upon the ongoing proposal in this epoch.

Beam team welcomes you to utilise your BeamX to give you power and a voice in the evolution of the Beam ecosystem, in a fully confidential and private way!