When the Satoshi whitepaper was written, the desire for privacy 100% on the base layer was, by it’s author and by their acquainted assistants, the most wanted part of a private, immutable currency, with the ability to attach assets of value (ie shares of Apple) and make them more easily accessible than ever before, but whilst remaining private only to one single individual – You.

Year 10.Privacy: Beam.

Having built an asset of value on the Mimblewimble Base Layer, Beam adds Lelantus optional quick delivery of assets (without the need for the receiving party to be online at the time of the transaction*.)

Atop the Base layer will be integrated the Confidential Asset layer of Beam, hopefully in a GUI wallet.

Sending non-native assets creates the same kind of transaction as that with the native asset on Beam. A Confidential Asset UTXO looks and behaves in the same way as native Beam UTXO, and uses a different EC generator point for the value. Non-native asset transactions are separate transactions; the asset tx, looks the same as a native Beam TX, only its inputs and outputs are the Confidential Assets run on the same chain and are validated by the same miners.

The inputs and outputs of that tx on Beam’s CA’s are not Beam but the specific confidential asset;

to see how a transaction works, read https://github.com/BeamMW/beam/wiki/UTXO-set,-horizons-and-cut-through .

AUDITABILITY From the mobile wallet, there is already implemented the ability to export all your transactions to a CSV. I believe it was implemented to mobile wallet initially to allow best access to perhaps a company CEO, his money is in his pocket and it’s up to himself who he wishes to share the information with at any given point. SCALABILITY To allow mass adoption of a thing it would be essential that the user did not need to fill up their computer hard drive with content of a blockchain. See Wilke Trei’s piece about how to set up a free Beam node here: https://medium.com/beam-mw/how-to-setup-a-free-beam-node-with-google-cloud-computing-4fc3d3e8d85a


Buy it with debit or credit card on one of the fiat on-ramp 3rd party services, via the atomic swap feature in the wallet or using bitcoin at one of the many exchanges which list Beam like gate.io and bhex or binance, each 3rd party exchange has their own calculated fees and some require photographic identification.

It is also possible to create Beam with your own desktop computer. This guide assists you if you have a second PC with a gaming graphics card that you will be able to leave on all the time, to mine in a lottery style, the Beam cryptocurrency. BEAM SOLO MINING: https://www.docdroid.net/m1yYfKe/solo-mine-beam.pdf

If you get stuck, use the chat feature on this website to message me.


as mentioned 🙂

*When a transaction occurs between two or more parties, mutual agreement must be concluded. There is no more need for any other personal information released to any other party.

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