media promotion

Musician promotion

Photographer promotion

Your albums fully remastered, published and promotional campaigns run for two weeks prior to release. Your album advertised and linked to options for you: your own website downloadable release; Spotify; Amazon Music; Soundcloud; etc, etc.

Your daily photographs cleaned using photoshop, pitched to the media, news, fashion, sport and live music publishers. Your website promoted across various platforms with links direct to your choosing; Your own hosted gallery website; Alamy; Photoshelter; etc, etc


Either plan without ad campaigns

Photographer +

Music +

£30 for 1 month

£60 for 1 month

£50 for 1 month

The most budget friendly option, For musicians, Raskul Music will set up and populate your soundcloud profile with tracks, give you 1 soundcloud go subscription and furnish you with links, that you can promote at your gigs and events. Photographers may FTP their digital images directly to RaskulPix, ftp dtails available upon request.

Keep your images being sent directly to the ftp inboxes of major news outlets. Monthly see does not include setup fee. Setup fee includes telephone contact with picture desks once to introduce your work.

news outlets: £100
music outlets: £300
fashion outlets: £1000

option 1 plus advertising campaigns across major music news outlets. optional:

Any bonuses and royalties payable are made directly to the band/musician via paypal. please ensure you have a band paypal address set up.