If you have Crowns in your Dappnet wallet, please join to redeem these for MAINNET CROWNS on the Beam Privacy Blockchain.

The world’s first commemorative cryptocurrency has been distributed freely, in the spirit of hope, faith and charity.

NOTE: each user will be entitled ONE claim. so make sure you have stacked all the CROWNS on DAPPNET that you want to exchange 1:1

A fully private confidential asset cryptocurrency, built on the Beam Privacy blockchain and offered FREE as a giveaway to the Beam Community to mark the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and her exceptional work to the Commonwealth during her 70-year reign.

Among the most beautiful British coins ever minted by the Royal Mint in the 19th Century, they are exceptionally scarce, ornate and stunning. 

Since only 8,000 original Gothic Crowns were ever struck in the 19th Century in Great Britain, the Confidential Asset on Beam Privacy;
CROWN (ASSET ID 4) will only ever have 8000 CROWN minted and will never be sold by the issuer, only given freely as a Confidential Asset on Beam to remember fondly, the reign of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

The Beam Privacy GOTHIC CROWN is the first ever commemorative coin to be minted on a blockchain, and preserves all the aspects of Beam Privacy, making it just as private as any type of cash, with all the exceptional privacy preserving qualities of Beam.

The original Gothic Crown coin was issued during the reign of Queen Victoria and on the front side, featured a portrait of Queen Victoria by William Wyon. She had first sat for him in 1834, before she became Queen in 1837. Her first issue of coins in 1838, the year of her coronation, featured an effigy by Wyon that would become known as the ‘Young Head’. This was an elegant and flattering depiction. It pleased Victoria so much that it would remain in use on British and colonial coinage until she was well into her sixties. On the back side of the coin detailed intricate depictions of the four corners of the United Kingdom, with gothic lettering in latin, identical to the 1872 silver Florin which used the same obverse and reverse as the rare Gothic Crown of 1847.

To bring that history in-line with the 70-year reign of QEII, the giveaway of all 8000 Gothic Crown on Beam Privacy will commence immediately after the period of mourning for Queen Elizabeth II ends on 20th September 2022. After this time, everyone who has collected Crowns in the Beam Dappnet asset swaps by this date, will receive 1:1 Crown on the Beam main-net – a valuable asset which you will be able to trade within the main-net Beam Wallet in the asset swaps function.

The giveaway will last until all 8000 GOTHIC CROWNS are distributed and there is no limit to amount of CROWNS you may claim on Beam main-net.

Read below to find out how to get your CROWNS. There will be a manual process to this and you will need to contact me directly in my support chat on telegram.


Beam has published what was named – their DAPPNET wallet. This is a testing wallet and coins held in this wallet have no value whatsoever, cannot be transferred to Beam main-net and are mainly used for development and testing purposes. However, in the case of The Gothic Crown, your CROWNS in Dappnet can be exchanged on a 1:1 swap for CROWNS on Beam Privacy Main-net. In memorium of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and her 70-year reign.

To use the asset swaps function; which is currently only supported in the desktop wallet, download & install onto your Mac, Linux or Windows PC

Click the link above.

You will need some DAPPNET BEAMS to enable you to get some DAPPNET CROWNS and you will, by following this guide, be able to swap your Dappnet BEAM for Dappnet CROWNS and then, exchange your Dappnet CROWNS for BEAM GOTHIC CROWNS, the worlds first commemorative coin, minted on a blockchain.

Get your Dappnet Beams by navigating to the dAppstore within the dappnet wallet and clicking on the FAUCET DAPP.
When the dApp opens simply click the ‘GET YOUR FIRST BEAM’ button.
NOTE: These are dappnet Beams and are worth no monetary value.

dappnet faucet to receive dappnet beams

Get free Beam dappnet coins into your wallet, to enable you to perform an asset swap DAPPNET BEAM <> DAPPNET CROWNS

Once your Dappnet Beams have confirmed into your main wallet screen, you then should navigate to the ASSET SWAPS tab within your Dappnet wallet. This tab is indicated by an auctioneers gavel. Click this and your Beam dappnet wallet will open on the dappnet asset swaps page, where you should see a list of offered swaps, for many different assets. See example below.

the gavel icon takes you to the asset swaps function

asset swaps screen

From this swap list, you are looking to find any offer which shows that you will RECEIVE CROWN. Crown <> Beam (Dappnet) swaps will be listed randomly, frequently over time until all 8000 CROWN have been distributed. Remember, these are still DAPPNET CROWNS and have no monetary value whatsoever. You will still need to send these back to me, to receive your CROWNS on Beam main-net at a ratio of 1:1.
So… Find a swap , or wait for one to appear and click ‘ACCEPT OFFER’…

When you click ACCEPT OFFER, wait for the transaction to complete, your CROWNS will then show in your main wallet screen, alongside any other Dappnet assets you own

your main wallet screen, showing tabs of your owned assets

Remember, at this point, any coins you see here are for testing purposes only and hold no monetary value. To turn these testing coins into REAL MONEY ON THE BEAM PRIVACY BLOCKCHAIN, read on…

To send your Dappnet CROWNS to me, and in turn receive REAL MONEY GOTHIC CROWNS on the Beam Privacy blockchain, you will need to take note of the Beam Dappnet address which you used to complete the DAPPNET BEAM <> DAPPNET CROWNS swap. This shows as SENDING ADDRESS within the transaction info in your own wallet and can be found easily by clicking the transaction line in your main wallet screen which will show titled ‘MULTIPLE ASSETS’ – it is the purple text line marked ‘SENT’. Click anywhere on that line…


Simply paste the address you copied from the window above, into my support channel on telegram (LINK), and open your BEAM (MAINNET) Wallet. Your CROWNS WILL BE SENT WITHIN 24hrs, so please leave your wallet open to receive.


Your REAL MONEY GOTHIC CROWNS should be received into the BEAM DESKTOP or MOBILE WALLET – obtainable via THIS LINK.
This is not a testnet wallet, this is the main Beam Privacy Wallet Suite on the active Beam main-net. Click RECEIVE in the Beam Wallet main wallet screen and wait for me to respond to your message in my TELEGRAM CHANNEL



The Gothic Crown on Beam Privacy has no affiliation with the Royal Mint or any of it’s subsidiaries. Created by a cryptocurrency enthusiast to commemorate the reign of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and offered completely freely to participants of this giveaway.

God save our Queen, Long live our King!