Elementor #2996

BANS – Beam Anonymous Name Service


Go to the DAPPS tab and find the windowbox which is titled

Beam Anonymous Name Service

Allow the dapp time to loads – should only take a few seconds.

The main front of the dapp looks like this. In this section you can search for a .beam domain to buy, or click the button to send funds to another .beam user.


In this guide, let’s go through buying .beam domain.

When you start typing a name in the search bar, a lower infobar will show you if the name is taken, or if it is available.


So let’s buy this domain… click the turquoise ‘available’ text, which is a link to the next stage in the process of buying a Beam Anonymous Name Service ID.

The dapp will show you the price and the duration of time which you will own the domain.


You can buy a domain to keep for up to 50 years, payments made in Beam.


When you are happy with the length of time you will keep the domain, click the button which says ‘register’. This will take you to a payment confirmation screen to allow you to privately fulfil the transaction.

Stay on this page until the transaction fulfills – may take up to 5 minutes so let it run it’s course. You will see the popup tab at the bottom right of the window within your wallet progress bar. This is the registration of your domain and commit to the blockchain.

Upon confirmation of the registration of your .beam domain, the wallet will direct to your full list of owned domains. Enjoy!







WORKAROUND for BANS not visible issue
1. Domains are SAFU
2. We are working on the wallet update to fix the problem
3. In the meantime, use the following workaround:
– Find settings.ini file in the BeamWallet folder
– If you do not know where it is use the documentation here: https://beamx.gitbook.io/desktop-wallet-user-guide/files-and-locations
– Add the following two lines to the end of the file using any text editor:
– Save the file and restart the wallet