Kaspa Wallet (CLI version)

Firstly, get the most recent release for your specific operating system here: https://github.com/kaspanet/kaspad/releases
You’ll need to start a kaspa node and allow it to fully synchronise before using any of. the following commands. The guide to do so is HERE

If you. do not have experience using CLI, you can utilise the kdx graphical user interface wallet

Follow the steps to create the wallet, writing down your seed phrase with pen and paper. This will be 24 words, randomised.

highlight your address (including the kaspa:abcde… part) press cntrl-c to copy the text. open your text editor and cntrl-v will paste the address.
Save the text file for reference

send kaspa

The output will be. a transaction ID (TXID) – note – the larger the transaction, the longer th ecode will be. Try to limit transactions to below 100,000 Kaspa to limit the scratchpad. HIGHLIGHT THE TX ID – cntrl-c to copy it.

The output will be the signature ID of the transaction . HIGHLIGHT THIS – cntrl-c to copy it.