Cryptocurrency Escrow


The first thing you need to understand is that; as a trusted escrow, I cannot find buyers for your crypto. What I do offer is a ZERO-FEE intermediary service for the anonymous exchange of any type of crypto, between two parties exchanging one type of crypto, for BITCOIN only. As long as you are either buyer or seller, and you have already found the other party of the trade and agreed an exchange rate, please get in touch with me for a free, anonymous escrow service. Read more on how I conduct this service below…

I use a fully synchronised BITCOIN CORE wallet, with adaptive segwit addresses and ability to amend transaction fees on the BTC transaction. I use to verify confirmations of BTC.

The sender of the BTC is fully responsible for paying the tx fee to send BTC to escrow and the receiver of BTC is fully responsible for paying the tx fee to receive the BTC. Fees vary depending on the BTC Mempool status at the time of the trade.

I will normally use a BTC Core recommended fee to ensure that processing of the BTC transaction is done within 20mins (however, this timescale is not guaranteed). 

I will not handle the other crypto, only the BTC part. There is never any need for any escrow to use two handed OTC Escrow and buyers should use their own common sense if their allocated escrow requires it.

So, to explain the process, and for purposes of this explanation, the BUYER is the party sending the BTC (BITCOIN) and the SELLER is the party sending the ALTERNATIVE CRYPTOCURRENCY (ALTCOIN)

1. Buyer and seller have already agreed which crypto to exchange for BTC, the price and the amounts to exchange should also have bee agreed, prior to contacting me to conduct escrow.

2. Buyer and seller both agree to use me as escrow – if one party refuses, or is not 100% content to use me, then I will not offer escrow service and my intermediary action may be closed at any point during the trade; prior to the exchange of funds, without recourse.

3. Either buyer or seller may contact me on DISCORD or TELEGRAM. Please do not send emails or use any form on this website to contact me for escrow services.

My DISCORD username is “Raskul#5486” and my unique DISCORD ID is 416665007863103490. 

My TELEGRAM user ID is “R45ku1”

4. I set up a private channel in whichever chat platform I receive contact and both parties are invited to the channel.

5. The trade is explained to escrow by the buyer or seller at this point, within the private channel and all parties agree on a) the value of the trade, b) the ALTCOIN blockchain explorer to be used to verify confirmation and c) number of confirmations on the ALTCOIN blockchain explorer whence the trade can be considered concluded. All parties must be in agreement with the a), b) and c).

I reserve the right to refuse escrow for any reason, or for no reason and at this point it will be advised if I am happy to conduct the escrow. Should acceptance of the escrow be advised, we move on to step 6 and fulfilment of escrow by all parties should be respected.

6. The BUYER sends the BITCOIN agreed value to a newly created ESCROW BITCOIN address, advised by ESCROW to those present in the private channel. ESCROW will then paste the link to BITCOIN block explorer, showing the transaction hash and ongoing confirmation status.

7. Once the BITCOIN is confirmed 1 (one) confirmation on the blockchain,  ESCROW will at this point ask the BUYER to provide a receiving address for their crypto and the SELLER will send the ALTCOIN directly to the BUYER.

8. Once the ALTCOIN is sent, then the SELLER will copy the txID or KernelID link of the ALTCOIN agreed block explorer (5b) in the private channel that everyone can see it’s progress.

9. When the ALTCOIN blockchain link shows agreed number of confirmations (5c) on its own blockchain, ESCROW will then ask the BUYER to provide their BITCOIN address.

10. ESCROW sends BTC to the BUYER and pastes the blockchain link to the transaction from block explorer into the private chat channel.


11. ESCROW advises those present in the private channel that they have no more than 30minutes to take a copy of the discussion for their records, should they so wish and after 30minutes, the channel is closed and all discussion deleted. No record of the transaction or the discussion is kept by ESCROW.