Beam Pool Payouts

Due to working with a totally manual payout system, I decided to work payouts on a per request basis. This isn’t the best method for many but it’s the way I will be keeping it for the near future, at least.

To request a payout from the pool, please ensure that you check the REWARD SHEET first to ensure that the Beams you have mined are confirmed and matured. Please see the key below for instructions.

Above shows CONFIRMED/MATURE blocks headings in GREEN. These are blocks which are ready to be paid to miners. This also shows UNCONFIRMED/IMMATURE blocks headings in RED, which are still awaiting the 240 confirmations required by the network to be fully matured spendable Beams. 

Above shows the section at the lower half of the spreadsheet which shows the exact number of Beam per block that each miner can expect to receive. The shaded GREEN are sums which have been paid out, and normal formatted BLACK/WHITE are awaiting to be paid to miners. Follow the below advisory to receive payments.


The best method is by private message to me, using any of these options.

For obvious reasons due to timezones etc, I may not always be able to perform payouts immediately on demand, please try to catch me during daytime/evening UK hours, and I will do my best to ensure swift payment of Beams to your mining address. As ever the pool will remain 0% fee as a service which is free of charge to any miner wishing to join. No profit is taken and server costs are upkept from my own funds. The server is located in London UK, and has been fully tested on both var-diff and high-diff ports to ensure the best mining experience possible for our miners.