Beam Mac Install


mac beam install

Open terminal and the Beam website downloads page on your Mac

Download and Install CLI wallet.

Open finder on your Mac and locate the new zip file. Open it.

go into the folder which has unzipped from the zip package and right click beam-wallet.cfg. Using text-edit on your Mac, open the cfg file.

copy/paste this and overwrite the entire text in the cfg with it. be careful to remove the #’s before pass= and node_addr=.
Change the password to something you will remember. You can take this with the wallet.db file at a later date if you wish to restore on a more technical level, from a usb stick. For now, we focus on the paper wallet.

You may use a remote node, this one is my pool server. Save the cfg file, amended.

Using Finder and Terminal on your Mac, drag the
🖥️  beam-wallet
file up into the Terminal window. Then type the word init (initiate wallet) and press return.

You now need to type the password you entered in your cfg file.

Once you confirm your password, the wallet will generate for you a seed phrase, and an address. This is not the address you will use to fund your offline wallet. You will need to enter this command to generate your public offline address on the Beam blockchain.

Which gives you your long public_offline address. This will receive Beams into it eternally, without the need to go online to send to it.

You’ll want the highlighted part (the address string)


grow your groths

double check that the Receiving address is correct by examining the first few characters of the address and the last few. You can see … to make up for the lengthy nature of a public offline address.

You can now load up that address and your wallet will be safe, offline. You can restore your wallet using your previously generated seed phrase on a desktop, mobile or cli Beam wallet downloadable from various platform version downloads pages at

Want it on a USB drive? Read on.

your password is immutable

Using Finder on your Mac, search for the file wallet.db

Plug in a USB stick into your Mac, drag the wallet.db file into it. Done.

The wallet.db can be imported into any desktop or laptop device which doesn’t already have a Beam wallet installed and you can also import the Beam CLI wallet.db directly into a Beam desktop wallet version as versions are cross compatible. You will need your created password, to restore in this manner. To restore your squirrelled away Beams on a mobile device using only seed phrase, see below

restore your Beams using your seed phrase on a mobile device

The wallet will guide you through entering your seed phrase (unable to screenshot due to security policy). Once your wallet is open, you will then need to built it it’s own node (novice).

go to wallet settings
select node option
connect (2nd option)
wait up to 1hr