Beam Dappnet

Install an IPFS node on Beam Dappnet

The Beam DAPPNET is a testnet environment and all coins and assets on this network have zero value.

Using a server of your choice, according to your budget, follow the guide below to install a Beam dappnet node. This guide uses a $6 25GB linux from vultr.

As you would install a Beam node, download release from here:

the guide follows connection to my node at and the IP is shown because I need not keep this secret. I do not own any files contained on the server being used and all is open source. You can connect the cfg file commands to your own ip or use if you wish. peers will connect as default to Beam nodes and you can add mine if you wish. 🙂

use this as the beam-node.cfg for the dappnet.

to get your owner key and miner key for the wallet and wallet api. first install the beam-wallet-dappnet files and init the wallet.

You can start your node before or after the wallet / wallet api / explorer node is installed. explorer node and wallet api need the node to function, obviously.

to start the node:

to enable beam confidential assets, you can do this using pm2

or a pm2 instance of the wallet api to enable max privacy on your server

either are optional as the ipfs enablement is actioned in the wallet-api.cfg, above and this is the purpose of this particular guide. enjoy!

further guide taken from

Access BEAM IPFS node using standard IPFS cli tool

  1. Start wallet api
  2. Install go-ipfs
  3. Create beam-ipfs bash script (do not forget to change your paths)
export IPFS_PATH=/home/ubuntu/beam-api/ipfs-repo/
# uncomment the following line if you're using private IPFS network
# export LIBP2P_FORCE_PNET=1
/home/ubuntu/go-ipfs-node/ipfs "$@"

In desktop client IPFS node API is disabled by default. ipfs_node_api_port should be set in settings.ini or Addresses.API in ipfs-repo/config to access IPFS node API.

  1. Make it executable
chmod  +x ./beam_ipfs
  1. Execute usual ipfs commands via the script
./beam-ipfs swarm peers

SystemD IPFS unit file

Example below if given for a standard go-ipfs binary. You can also use the same settings for running wallet API

Description=GO IPFS Node
# uncomment if private IPFS network
# Environment="LIBP2P_FORCE_PNET=1"
ExecStart=/home/ubuntu/go-ipfs-node/ipfs daemon

if you completed this guide, here’s a freebie 😉


this is the transaction hash (the ID on the Beam dappnet blockchain) of my novel 666Stitches in pdf format. Once you ‘get’ it from the beam ipfs using the code below, you can amend the file to a .pdf for full readibility!

(you might want to scp it from your linux server first 😉 )

example scp command line for the above file (where root@serverIP should be amended to your own Beam dappnet node server