Beam 7.0 wallet

Firstly it has to be remarked upon how miraculously LIGHT the wallet is in full own-node setting. Even with the new ipfs integrated node – and admittedly there is yet to see any traffic on that network as yet – the power usage of the Beam wallet on my laptop peaks around 1.4% when idle.

That being if left on my main wallet page. pretty decent for a blockchain which does not store your personal private financial data.
So, during a transaction, and let’s use the changing of the price of an nft item as an example transaction – ergo movement within the wallet and the Beam blockchain. cpu usage correlating to the Beam wallet extends

Opening the NFT galley DAPP, processes are SWIFT, cpu usage peaks to 100% for < 1 second only, steps at ~38% and drops to 2.2% once the gallery is open. the whole process taking just short of 3 seconds. Left idling on the NFT gallery page uses between 2% and 9% cpu.

Changing the price on an nft action within the Beam NFT Gallery DAPP… under 30% of the cpu usage is by the Beam wallet, click back to the main wallet screen and minimize it if you aren’t using it. This keeps your online addresses always looking for any transactions they might receive and also meaning you can tuck it away without worrying about Beam burning your laptop battery..!

I felt it necessary to mention, kudos to the development team at Beam. So what else is new?

The ability to register as a publisher on the Beam DAPP network. You can there share your company links to users, who can choose to populate their Beam wallets with your DAPPS.

The DAPP store itself, with the ability to install a DAPP from a file or follow publishers, to see their DAPPS in your wallet.

Every publisher has a public key that is unique to them

It’s been a long waited feature for the Beam community, which will allow BeamX holders the ability to change and develop the Beam ecosystem through voting for proposals on-chain.

EPOCH ONE is expected to be right after fork at block 1,820,000

Handy backlink from notifications tab

Beam Wallet Suite version 7.0 is a uniquely decentralised, intuitive, user-friendly wallet.

And it keeps your money private.