Author: raskul

  • Beam 7.0 wallet

    Firstly it has to be remarked upon how miraculously LIGHT the wallet is in full own-node setting. Even with the new ipfs integrated node – and admittedly there is yet to see any traffic on that network as yet – the power usage of the Beam wallet on my laptop peaks around 1.4% when idle. […]

  • how to pay for your items using cryptocurrencies

    Place the dowloaded song, album, book or other item into your basket and proceed to checkout. At checkout, select coinpayments dot net. Make sure the merchant ID is Raskul Music. Click the cryptocurrency you wish to pay with. A window detailing amount and address to send to will pop up to copy/paste to your wallet. […]

  • cryptocurrency and the cost of living crisis

    The cost of living has risen immensely. This has had an impact on the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem, encompassing all coins, all methods of their creation and all projects related to them. At time of writing the screenshots show mining value versus UK power rates in 2020. ETH2.0 The difficulty bomb is dropped i guess? When […]