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  • Mining Beam Dappnet coins

    fire up a vultr mine Beam dappnet coins node wallet api wget unzip unzip unzip tar -xvf beam-node-dappnet.tar tar -xvf beam-wallet-dappnet.tar tar -xvf wallet-api-dappnet.tar save the long string of each ./beam-wallet export_miner_key –subkey=1 ./beam-wallet export_owner_key nano beam-node.cfg nano beam-wallet.cfg nano wallet-api.cfg each .cfg file below and save. port=10127 mining_threads=1 […]

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  • Restart wallet API

    CONFIG FILES REQUIREMENTS (CLI) & guide how-to if your CLI wallet fails to send on automated scripts (USER ERROR) To install the Wallet API alongside the Beam wallet, collect the files onto a server of ubuntu 18 or above from Just get everything that is linux-bound Raskul · The Booke of Urizen make the […]

  • Beam Addresses

    Beam Addresses and their functions – please see my quick reference table at the foot of this page for a quick overview of address types and their related fees. Raskul · A Crow on the Radio Wire REGULAR ADDRESS, BANS OR SBBS ADDRESS? The various iterations of the Beam Wallet addresses are for different purposes […]

  • Voting in the Beam DAO

    Voting in the Beam DAO : how-to. With the hard fork which took place on 24th June 2022 and release of v7.0 Beam wallet, the voting functions on Beam DAO proposals in the voting dapp (decentralised application) within the Beam wallet have been launched – initially on dappnet (testing only) and then into the main-net […]

  • Beam Dappnet

    Raskul · Learn To Forget Install an IPFS node on Beam Dappnet The Beam DAPPNET is a testnet environment and all coins and assets on this network have zero value. Using a server of your choice, according to your budget, follow the guide below to install a Beam dappnet node. This guide uses a $6 […]

  • media promotion

    Raskul · 3 Pit Bulls And A Kit Kat Musician promotion Photographer promotion Your albums fully remastered, published and promotional campaigns run for two weeks prior to release. Your album advertised and linked to options for you: your own website downloadable release; Spotify; Amazon Music; Soundcloud; etc, etc. Your daily photographs cleaned using photoshop, pitched […]

  • The Essence crowd review

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  • Funky Blues crowd review

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  • Arcane Knowledge crowd review

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