Accept Donations in Beam

This simple guide will help you get set up to receive donations from your supporters, in the privacy cryptocurrency, Beam. The simplest way to make this happen is to firstly get the latest version of the Beam desktop or mobile wallet from HERE

Install the wallet of your choice – Beam has mobile wallets for android & iOS, desktop wallets for mac, linux and windows and command line wallets for mac, linux & windows. 
This guide shows and example of how you can collect donations to a Beam desktop wallet.

Once you have installed your Beam wallet, run the executable file and follow the guidance steps which the wallet shows – this will allow you to create a random seed phrase for your wallet and initialise the wallet to read the Beam privacy blockchain. Be sure to take a note of your seed phrase and keep it in a safe place.

Now, create your donations address!
The best and simplest address variant to use for this purpose is the Beam public offline address, and the below screenshot show you how to get this.

On the tab in your wallet, which shows the little cog icon is your SETTINGS features. In this collection of features, find the UTILITIES tab. Within the box containing UTILITIES, is the link ‘Show public offline address‘, as below;

Click on Show public offline address and you will see something similar to the following window….

You can now copy the address shown here, and paste it into your website, wherever you want your supporters to make donations in Beam, or simply screenshot the QR code and place it on your webpage.

Now,  whenever you open your wallet in future, your supporter’s donations will be automatically received into your wallet, and will be spendable. There is no need to make any kind of push function within your wallet for it to receive donations, it’s all done automatically in the background of the wallet functionality.


That’s it! you’re all set to receive donations in Beam cryptocurrency!

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